"A few months ago I had a minor surgery to remove a non- cancerous growth near my right eyebrow. I learned about Grandma's lotion and immediately began applying it to the area of the surgery. Within a week the redness from the surgery was completely gone and I believe that Grandma's lotion kept the scarring to a minimum as the scar is barely noticeable."
"Along with this order, I wanted to thank you for making such a great product. I am a welder/fabricator and when the weather conditions are hot, will often perform small welding jobs while wearing short sleeves. However, sometimes my arms get burned from overexposure to the intense light of the welding arc. Usually I don't think of it until the end of the day and I start to feel the sunburn type pain. Once I apply a thin layer of your lotion on the burn, the heat leaves the burn immediately, and by the 2nd day you can't tell there was even a burn there. It is quite amazing to me. And I am extremely satisfied with your wonderful product."
"Last year I experienced discomfort in the form of itching, swelling and pain after tattooing a flower from my shoulder to my hip. I was instructed to use certain products to combat these issues, none of which relieved my symptoms. I was ever so grateful after being introduced to Grandmas's Premier Skin Care Lotion for within a few hours of applying, the swelling, itching, and discomfort were gone. I reapplied the lotion for several more days and ever since, I have not had an issue and have a beautiful, flawless tattoo thanks to Grandma's Lotion!"
"I am very glad that you have made this wonderful lotion. The medication that the doctor treats my Rosacea with is drying out my skin. So I started using the lotion and it's getting better and is not sore to touch. So I am now sold on Grandma's Premier Skin Care™ Lotion."
"Having experienced itchy red unsightly blotches on my face and neck for many years and one diagnosis and cream after another with no relief I had come to live with my condition. Grandma's Premier Skin Care Lotion has been a 'God-Send'! I have fewer and shorter lived outbreaks. At first sign of the blotchy rash I rub the lotion over the affected areas and within a day the results are miraculous. I interface with the public for a living and so this special lotion has changed my life in the form of confidence for I am no longer embarrassed nor having to try and hide and treat my condition with makeup and messy creams that were ineffective."

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