Grandma's Premier Skin Care™ Lotion is a most remarkable product, offering an effective skin care treatment for most skin conditions and external tissue distress. Made from all natural products, Grandma's Premier Skin Care™ Lotion will be the effective home-remedy you turn to most often for a multitude of skin abnormalities and skin injuries.

Grandma recommends her Premier Skin Care™ Lotion for any person with skin pain, abnormal skin conditions, or on normal skin. It is used by people in all walks of life, including:

Some of our customers whom have reported
disappointing results from the use of both prescription and "over-the-counter" skin medications, have found healing relief from their skin conditions by using Grandma's Premier Skin Care™ Lotion.

Although it would be inappropriate to suggest that Grandma's Premier Skin Care™ Lotion offers a "cure" to any skin condition typically treated by a Physician, Dermatologist, or other medical professional, it is noteworthy that some of our customers have experienced sustained healing relief from degenerative skin ailments, by using this product. (see testimonials of our customers)

Try Grandma's Premier Skin Care™ Lotion and prove to yourself, as many others have, the beneficial results of this wonderful product.

Also Popularly Used as a: Real Experience
From Real People
"As Director of Nursing, one of my personal experiences I was aware of, was when this lotion was used on a resident for over 10 years without ever having a skin breakdown. Her skin did not even appear to age over the many years that I took care of her. Also my daughter has very sensitive skin and has trouble with many products. She started using GRANDMA'S LOTION under her makeup and tolerated this great lotion without any side effects." "I've been extremely impressed with how well Grandma's Lotion has worked on various skin conditions from Athlete's Foot to Poison Oak, and everything in between." "Being fair skinned and spending a good deal of time outside I have developed numerous pre-cancerous lesions on skin exposed to the sun. My Dermatologist has used a freeze treatment to remove those lesions. Since using Grandma's Premier Skin Care™, I have experienced a positive benefit of enhanced healing. I also use the product on spots of Seborrheic Keratosis that frequently appears with aging. Since using the product I have seen a reduction in both the size and irritability of these lesions. Thanks again." "I've used Grandma's Premier Skin Care™ Lotion for over 10 years as an after-shave lotion & underarm deodorant. I have also used it on severe burns, and as an alternative treatment to help relieve the symptoms associated with a case of Shingles. I have found it to be a great all-around skin care product." "I love Grandma's Premier Skin Care™ Lotion. My husband was getting a prescription for dry skin but now saves money using this lotion with great results. He also uses it to help reduce the bags under his eyes. By using this lotion he has no scar where he had skin cancer removed. My 98 yr. old mother and our son got pain relief and healing using this special lotion to treat Shingles. Our family has been using this product since 2002."

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